Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bright Pink Prizes and Little Brown Dogs

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I've been entering a bunch of contests lately because... well, basically because I want to see if I will win. Does that sound weird? In addition to wanting to win I want to SEE if I will win because THAT IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT THING.

Yes it is. Work with me.

Long story short... I WON SOME CUTE LITTLE DOG BONE SOAPS FROM PHETCHED (go to phetched to check out what they look like)!

Thank you phetched! Go on over to phetched because they have fun stuff and, clearly, contests. That are winnable. Which are the best kind.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This prize DID NOT come with the little brown dog pictured with the bright pink gift above. The little brown dog was already mine. For  better or worse, the little brown dog is mine.

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  1. I did that for a while but I never won :(

  2. Very cool! I've actually been doing the same thing lately, entering a bunch of contests, and my Chuck and I won a Valentine's photo contest. :)