Monday, October 5, 2009

1 Yr Olds- Baby 1: Dog 0

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John and I babysat our friends' little girl on Friday night. Little Munchkin (LM) is about 1 1/2 years old. Mickey is about 1 1/2 years old. LM was pretty darn good. Mickey was a pain in the ass.

Let's compare, shall we?

When I arrived LM had a wee bit of a breakdown once she realized that her dad was about to leave. Shortly after that all the tears were gone and she helped me prepare the family dogs' dinner, we inspected her sock and puttered around the house. We read a couple books- actually, we read one book eight times- and then we went in the back, ran around in circles and threw the ball for the dog. Fun indeed.

An hour and a half later John and my dogs arrived. Mickey promptly stole LM's teddy bear and started to chow down on its ear. LM's eyes got as big as saucers as she watched the demise of her security blanket and I somehow managed to divert a Full Scale Waterworks Attack by diving after the dog and returning the teddy bear to its rightful owner. A LITTLE GIRL. At which point Mickey snatched it back. At which point I pulled an Incredible Hulk, puffed up to my Super Scary Crazy Mom height of 12 feet, 4 inches and made it VERY CLEAR that Mickey was NEVER TO TOUCH THE DAMN TEDDY BEAR AGAIN.

And so Mickey tried one more time and then we were done with that.

During dinner LM tried to feed her dog half of her dinner. I shook my head. She stopped.

After dinner Mickey stole LM's soother and ran to the other room (RUN! RUN! I'VE GOT IT! HAHAHAHAHA!), ears flat back and ready to go. And then he did it again when LM's parents got home, which was VERY embarrassing because I'm sure I've gone and bragged about how we are getting better at bossing our dogs around. DAMN DOG MADE ME LOOK BAD.

Once the parents were home, LM curled up onto dad's lap, nuzzled up quiet as a mouse and listened as dad read her a story.

Mickey jumped up on to everyone's fancy clothes (which he doesn't normally do), found Kayloo sleeping on the floor and woke her up with a Love Pounce and karate kick to the head, and managed to nudge his way out the front door and went tearing down the street like a bat outta hell: YAHOO! LOOK AT ME! I'M RUNNING, YA YA YA YA YA!!!

Once all that was done we headed back home. And then I had the joy of cleaning up 1 book, 1 journal and 1 bra that had been shredded into 8 trillion little pieces.

By 11pm Friday evening 1 1/2 year old babies were winning over 1 1/2 year old dogs. HANDS DOWN.

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  1. I too giggled. I know how frustrated I would have been but since it wasnt me I feel that a giggle is appropriate :)

  2. @Hannah & Kari- I can giggle now, but @ the time... whoa boy... :)

  3. My dog.. likes stuff animals too.. I have a ton of mickeys.. I collected over the years and when I got married I took them and put them in the spare room... every once in a while I find them all over the house.. my min pin Oggie has stolen them!!!! Bad Dog Oggie :O)

  4. Ok- so your dog goes crazy on you every now & then too? I'm not the only one? Why do they wait until new people are around- it's like they are TRYING to show me up! ;)