Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weddings are Nice

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John and I went to our friends' wedding a couple of weekends ago. Weddings are nice. Beautiful candles and flowers and music and people. Weddings are ESPECIALLY nice when you're not the one planning it.

Don't get me wrong- my wedding ROCKED. It was beautiful, it (amazingly) didn't rain, almost every single person we knew and loved were all in the same room, I got to wear a SPARKLY PRETTY DRESS, someone else did my hair, even though I mistook the horseradish for mashed potatoes and almost burned a hole through my septum the food was awesome, AND I didn't have to make my bed the next day.

All in all it was fab.

However, SHOWING UP to a wedding is also fab and you don't have to worry about ceremonies without tents when you thought there was going to be a tent but it turns out there WILL NOT be a tent so let's cross our fingers and hope for the best otherwise we may end up having the ceremony in the hallway right beside the hotel convenience store under the appreciative stare of Vern the Weird Guy who hangs out at the hotel convenience store.

Will ya just LOOK at those flowers! So gorgeous... could make a girlie-girl out of pretty much anyone!

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