Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making Faces at Toronto Airport Without Coffee

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This is me waiting at the Toronto Airport on the way to the wedding (here's a few pics from the wedding). I'm Making A Face. That morning John and I were THIS close to missing our flight. So we didn't get our coffee. And we didn't get to sit beside each other. And I was sitting IN THE VERY VERY VERY BACK ROW (I'm not entirely sure who I ticked off to get that honour, but I'M SORRY AIRPLANE SEATING GOD PEOPLE!!!). And I started to watch My Sister's Keeper but I turned it off 20 minutes in because it is the MOST DEPRESSING MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE and I was already getting all sobby and weepy and it was ONLY 20 MINUTES IN!

Seriously depressing. OH. MY. GOD.

But, the whole experience wasn't half bad at all. We stood outside, waited for our ride, and made stupid jokes about things like Making Faces and bad coffee and crying 5 seconds into movies.

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