Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stupid Freaking Halloween Preparation

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So, I can't do a proper post tonight because I have to work on my stupid, freaking Halloween costume (as you know, I don't really like dressing up for Halloween (I complain about it here)).

That's right: "Stupid." And "freaking."

The actual costume isn't stupid, the actual costume is pretty darn kick ass. My friend is a whiz-bang seamstress and when I said to her, "Friend, you have a bunch of dirndl's (see here for what the heck a dirndl is), do you have something that will fit this particular character I am supposed to stupid, freaking be?"And she said, "No, but HOW ABOUT I MAKE YOU ONE?"

Can you believe she offered to MAKE ME A COSTUME? From scratch??? How amazing do you have to be to be able to make a WHOLE ENTIRE OUTFIT in a couple of days? She is incredible! I think the only thing I could make would be a toga, and I'm fairly certain there would still be blood (ooh, look! More sewing that drew blood!).

So, she did. She even spiffed it up because she didn't think it was short enough. SHORT ENOUGH? Can we make this whole Halloween thing worse?

Stay tuned for pics, I'll probably post them this weekend. If I'm going to do this, YOU may as well get a stupid, freaking laugh out of it, right?

That'll teach me for having blonde hair.*

* Pssst! That was a clue!!!

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