Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gettin' My Groove On (& a little Where's Mickey?)

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Mickey IS in this photo... can you see him? Kinda of another Where's Waldo/Mickey pic.

So. Do you guys feel all jazzercized after the holiday season, or do you feel like you downed too many squirrelly eggnogs and should sleep it off a little longer lest you CROSS THE LINE (again) and moon innocent passerby's from your (parked) vehicle? I seem to bounce between the two. An hour ago all I seemed capable of was slumping on the living room floor, half-heartedly tossing a ball for Mickey while staring at the TV awash in a numb glaze.

And then I realized that my eyes were being accosted by HOCKEY (hockey! blecht! hockey, BLECHT!) so I got off my butt and here I am.

Speaking of jazzercize-ification... John got me dance lessons for Christmas. DANCE LESSONS, PEOPLE! I mentioned briefly (here) that I used to dance, so this whole experience could go one of a couple ways:

1. I'll be all- oh my GOD! Broadway here I come, look out John Travolta, bring me my tight tights and make 'em CHERRY RED BABY!

or, perhaps more likely...

2. oh. my. god. kill me now. please. owww. apologies to my parents for ever paying for dance lessons...

Visions of Elaine are dancing through my head (see what I did there? with the "dancing?" little play on words there).

Oh my god, I LOVE how Elaine dances! KILLS ME! When I want John to vamoose I shake a leg and break out my coveted Elaine moves and IT CLEARS THE ROOM. He can't handle it. I think he thinks his eyes are going to fall out of his head or something. Highly recommend it. That boy LOVES MY MOVES.

And here, a little Elaine action for ya. Enjoy. And think of me, limping through my first dance class in a decade. For the sake of the other people in the class with me, please send me graceful vibes.

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  1. Wot rong wiv dat lady?

  2. @marley- I sincerely hope you meant Elaine, not me ;)

  3. I'm right there with Marley...and I pray (for your husband anyway) that you aren't as bad as Elaine!

  4. what kind of dance class lady? omg. can't wait to hear how it goes....i think, regardless, you should wear cherry red tights. :)