Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Enough With the Poo in the House

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The next couple of weeks are going to be MASSIVE WEEKS OF CHAOS from which we can only hope to emerge from all in once piece. John is laboriously working on moving his office, which means we are all going to be running about with a pound of gyprock dust on our eyelashes and cheeks for awhile, like I am sporting here.

Add to that I JUST picked up a DISGUSTING leaf by the door (digusting as in dis. gust. ing if ya catch my drift), which lead me to holler a sentence I didn't think I would ever utter in an I-mean-it-Buster!!! sort of way:

"Seriously you guys*, ENOUGH WITH THE POO IN THE HOUSE!!!"

Yup, I said that.

And what does painting into the wee hours and a hygienically compromised leaf have to do with each other? I'm not sure. But I do know that when I reached for that leaf with my paint coated hand I felt VERY justified barking out my annoyance to the suddenly empty room, doing so with enough force to make dust poof out from my hair and gently cascade down around me, poo leaf and all. Which made me laugh.

Something like that has got to make you laugh.

Wish us luck as we battle the pounds of microscopic white dust in our various crannies.

*Just to be clear, I was referring to my dogs, not my husband.

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