Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chicks' Night Rules

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I went ice skating with some girlfriends on Friday night. CHICK NIGHT! Super fun. Turns out I SUCK at skating and it was more like shuffling/walking/waddling. The second part of the evening involved sipping full glasses of Chilean wine and I am VERY good at that so there weren't any 8 year old screaming past me during that part of the evening, was there?

I have a tendency to be a complete and total nerd homebody so last year I started a monthly Girls' Night Extravaganza (this little get together even has a name: event: anything... cuz it can be, you know... anything!). Every month I now have a date with a whole gaggle of girls.

Translation: Every month I get to hang out with a bunch of people who reason through things in a rational, understandable way (i.e. PROPERLY) and would never dream of hanging their clothes up ON THE FLOOR. And they don't think fart jokes are funny. Guys are awesome and all of that, but sometimes a girl just needs to hang out with a bunch of other girls and ogle said girls' jacket.

To satisfy my slightly OCD need for order and protocol there are rules:
  • the date is set way ahead of time so there is no back & forth & back & forth with dates and times and day planners and headaches;
  • each month a different person is in charge of deciding what we do and organizing whatever needs to be done (making reservations etc), this way one person isn't always saddled with all the "work";
  • $20 spend limit so this bit of fun doesn't make anyone poor.
Over the last year (it started in March 2009) we 've done all kinds of fun stuff each month, such as:
  • ate icecream and played bocce- I almost hit a duck (I've been honing my aim for next time because I DON'T LIKE TO MISS)
  • martini night- Sex & the City theme
  • salsa dancing
  • Oktoberfest beer
  • got all cultured and went to a black & white Italian film (Bicycle Thieves)... we also got cultured on ANOTHER night and went to an art gallery
  • more drinking (WHAT? Like you don't go out for drinks with your friends)
It's great because I get to 1) catch up with friends. And they rock 2) take advantage of their WICKED creativity and do things I would probably never get around to doing, and 3) be saved from being that wiggy, too-blonde chick who hardly ever leaves her house and talks about her dogs WAY TOO MUCH.

Already looking forward to next month. There are rumours it will involve cheese. AN EVENING DEVOTED TO CHEESE, PEOPLE. Chicks' night rules.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Next time if you try the wine first and then the skating it might be more exciting!

  2. Cheez? Cheez? Can I comes next time...evevn if I iz a boy?

  3. Gee, sounds like a Wine & Cheeze party! My last Wine & Cheeze party was here: 38.586027, -90.855048 . A good time was had by all!!

  4. lol- great advice! Wine THEN everything else. Should have thought of that :)