Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping: Cruisin'

At one point my uncle took my mom, dad, aunt and I on a Boat Ride. Capital "B" capital "R" because boat rides are Wicked. Boat rides are the kind of thing that makes you feel like you're cruisin', and the only things cooler than cruisin' are the following:
  1. being a black belt in some kind of martial art
  2. being Pool-Shark-Good at playing pool
I am a black belt in flailing around, hitting hard and letting the Mean Streak Take Over and I can single-handedly make one, single game of pool last over an hour and a half... so cruising it is.

My mom, aunt and I played the If We Had a House on a Lake, Which House Would We Have? game. This is a pretty good game. It is similar but different to If We Had a Villa What Would It Look Like? and If We Had a Beverly Hills Home with a Swimming Pool, An Amusement Park, a Drive Thru Ben and Jerry's and a Full Time Man-Servant, What Would It Look Like? For some reason my dad and my uncle weren't interested in playing.

This game consists of comments such as the following:
  • It's nice, but eek- look how far you would have to walk to the water. What is that, like, 45 seconds?
  • 0/10. No space for the outdoor spa, which is clearly a Top 5 criteria.
For some reason the fact that we don't actually OWN a cabin on ANY lake does not stop us from being so judgmental.

In any case, we didn't find our Dream Cabin and would have had to combine 8 designs to even come close, so needless to say, we won't be purchasing a cabin by the lake this summer. Drat.

While we were gone Mickey and Kayloo hung out under their fancy tent, away from the crazy hot sun and guarded the beer.

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