Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping: Mickey Crashing Out I

I think this photo very nicely captures our camping experience. It was lazy. It was sunny. And sometimes after all the water and hotdogs and laughing and sunscreen the only thing to do was crash out on the floor.

I love summer.

Stay tuned for more "Mickey Crashing Out" pics...

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  1. Love this photo! I often think what would it like to be a dog for a day. This photo says it all. Have a great day,
    Bob Gunter

  2. Shauna - this is such a delicious, beautiful photo (LIZ your fellow tweeter)

  3. @Bob- thank you so much! At first I thought he wanted out all the time, but when I opened the screen he would often just lay there for a little while longer... I think he just found he perfect spot :)

    @Liz- Wow- thank you! I love that you used the word "delicious"! It was so hot that day- I like how the light ended up glowing through the spaces. Glad you like it!