Monday, July 6, 2009

Bongs and Bras and Naked People (oh my!)

So, I went down to Berkely, CA last week and this is what greeted me in the lobby:

And this what greeted me in my bathroom:

Bras in display cases and naked people. What is it with me and pictures of naked people in weird places (read about more nakedness here)? Clearly I did not do my homework before arriving at the hotel. Perhaps if I had I would have been prepared for the bras, the naked people and the bong lamps. Bong lamps? Oh yes, bong lamps:

It's actually called a "Custom-Design Bong Lamp" and I could have had one of my very own for a cool $275.

They even had a whole bottle of Gia Domella, Cabernet Sauvignon right in the room, which I did not have because I would have had to drink the entire bottle to myself (waste not, want not) and that would make me an alcoholic. Ahem.

Overall Review: I didn't drink the wine, but I give it a Thumbs Up because how cool is it to be in California with bongs and bras and naked people?


  1. where did you see the bong lamp? what was the name of the n... hotel?

  2. bong lamp. i knew that similar idea comes to many people at the same time. can someone get me adress?