Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's True: Mickey Had a Nose Job

A few people have asked and, although I have struggled with what is for "us" as a family and what can and should be divulged to the public I have decided that the time is now to stand up and let my voice be heard.

Yes, the rumors are true: Mickey had a nose job.

Please see above a recent picture of Mickey. And here are some pictures from before the "procedure": walking around with a stick, fighting with another stick, and sleeping after playing with several sticks. You'll notice that these days you can clearly see Mickey's eyes.

To the naysayers I say this: Stand down! I am a mother, and as a mother sometimes I have to make the hard choices: Chicken or beef? To pick up or to hide the poo under a leaf? Educational "training walk" or jaunt on over to the park where Little Sally and her crazy Jack Russel pup can run the pants off the dogs and get them off my back for the rest of the night? Tough choices indeed.

Some of you might think that 1 year is to young to go under the shears, but you know what? I'm glad I was strong enough to fight the good fight. I'm glad I dared to introduce Mickey to a woman strong enough to pin down all four flailing legs and tenacious enough to groom away through the flatulence.

And will I do it all again? Damn right.*

* I'll probably take him back to the groomer when his little hair/whisker things get too long and they start poking him in the eyes again.

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