Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camping: My Yogi

While we were camping I decided that I wanted to take the opportunity to get a little meditation back into my life. That's right: Meditation. Some version of the following is what generally runs through my head when I "meditate":

Ooooooomm... Ooooommmm..... ommmmmm... Om-I forgot to iron my pants for today.... ahem... ok- ooommm... You know, I should wear skirts more often, it's not that I don't like skirts, but... helloooo... oooommmm. Ok, "ooomm" isn't working, that is kind of pretentious anyway... "Pretentious"? Holy crap Shauna, who do you think you are? You're calling people who devote themselves to the mountains and forgo sarcasm forever and EVER "pretentious"?... Shut up! Shut up! shutupshutupshutup.... Okay. Self love. Let's try self love... Centering... Love.... Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove... love... Hold on! Hold ON! Pull it together, you were doing it FOR A WHOLE .83 seconds! Fight it!!! Fight it, you can DO it... FIGHT IT WOMAN!!!!.... Seriously, what pants am I going to wear today...

Yeah. So a super, duper zen experience. Eckhart Tolle totally rings me for tips every now and again.

In this photo Kayloo is watching the pandemonium of what seems like dozens of crazy, deliriously happy kids (my little cousins) at the end of the dock. She is thoroughly and totally wrapped up in their every squeal, leap and splash. She is absorbed in curiosity and eventually compelled to join them at the end of the dock and when she came back I can only describe her trot as joyous.

So, wishing y'all a joyous trot today. Or at the very least that you remembered to iron your pants...

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