Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kayloo Pulling a Jedi Mind Trick

Kayloo camps out by her food dish on a regular basis. Sometimes it is time to eat, sometimes she is just trying to pull a Jedi mind trick and WILLING it to be time to eat.

The girl likes her chow.

These pictures are all taken on separate occasions. I would take more pictures to prove this strange behaviour to you, but she is a dog and all of the pictures would basically look the same. As you can see.

Here she is at it again.

And again.

You'll notice that the pictures of Kayloo's head cocking antics are taken in the same location. Please note that there is no chain tethering her to this part of the house.

Please also note Kayloo's ears. As if you could miss them.

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  1. Nice work Kayloo. When I want to be fed I get Lola to do the whinin until Daddy gives in. It's like a double mind trick. BOL

  2. I can definitely see the border collie in Kayloo. She resembles our Magpie (who's pure border collie) - oh those ears!!! Love 'em! And Magpie has a superb head cock as well. Bit she hasn't mastered the Jedi Mind Trick yet. At least, not that we know of!

    Here's "the Pie":

  3. @marley- I'll keep you turkeys away from my dogs so they don't get any ideas...

    @PaintDog- Magpie is a cutie & fab ears! Kayloo is a rescue so we're always guessing @ what she is... border collie comes up a lot.