Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Gold Medal White

I took this picture on Saturday... what a wicked day! John and I got back from this Organic Festival (which was not lame AT ALL) and then my neighbour started pouring us wine. How fantastic is that?

The dogs were chillin', we were gabbin'... life was good, lemme tell ya.

As most of you know and many of you have commented on, John and I are red drinkers, not white drinkers (that makes it seem like we are PROLIFIC drinkers... we aren't. Really. You know what I mean). In any case, we may become prolific drinkers because this wine called Barefoot, a Pinot Grigio from California rocked. As you can see, it won a Gold Medal so my review can't be that far off.

Overall Review: Thumbs Up (obviously)!

PS- And it's $9! Should I mention that? Seriously people, it is really very nice!

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  1. Personally, I lean toward the German whites, but the Barefoot Chardonnay is pretty good too.

  2. Any recommendations are very welcome!