Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camping: Connoisseur Only Different

Ok. So I would definitely recommend this wine- it's organic, it's Chilean... it's all good.

I also like it's name: Cono Sur. Like "connoisseur" only different and easier to spell. Get it? I did, which might have been part of the reason I bought the bottle in the first place.

But the real reason I am posting this photo is that I am so excited that my camera can do the whole "blurry in the background, focused in the front" thing. That is some fun stuff. I have a (grabbing a camera and copying, copying) Canon Digital IXUS 850IS. Yup. Turns out the IXUS can do the blurry thang.

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  1. Actually any camera that you can set the aperature on, can do the blurry background thing. The more light that you have when taking a picture, the farther closed the aperature will be when the picture is captured. The farther closed the aperature is, the more depth you will have that is in focus. Conversely, the wider open the aperature is (due to less light) the less depth you will have.

    In any case, besides the name, what is it that you like about the wine? Sweet? Dry? Grapey or not? Tickles the front of your tongue? Tickles the back or the sides of your tongue? Smooth? Aftertaste? etc.,?

  2. This is actually my favourite wine. I find it a dry wine, which I prefer to sweet. The name is very clever :)

  3. @Paul- thank you for this! All I have (right now) is a point & shoot, so I don't have much control over the aperature (I don't think?). Thank you for sending the link via Twitter (http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/fototech/htmls/depth.html), the photos made me sigh :) I haven't thoroughly checked it out yet, but I will be doing so. Thanks again!

  4. @Gigi's Friend- Hey! You mean Gigi... like MY Gigi (well, our Gigi) :) Super cool, thanks for coming by the site! Thanks also for sharing your review of the wine- @Paul I've got a bunch of photos of this wine, so I'll do a better of job describing it in subsequent posts- I PROMISE. Do you like red, or I guess you prefer the whites (German)?

  5. Hi Shauna - nice post. I actually got to meet Cono Sur's winemaker a few months ago - Adolfo's a very nice guy and he's also doing some great things with pinot noir - check out the 20 Barrels or Vision pinot by them sometime! And I love photos with the blur thing too :)

  6. @Alan from Amateur Vino! Thanks for coming by the site! I will check out their pinot... I'm out of wine @ the moment (gasp!) so I'll stop by the wine store this weekend. Thanks for your advice on how long to keep open wine (it's 3-4 days, in the fridge, in the smallest bottle possible for everyone reading this :))