Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wine: We're Just Not That Into You

I drank the last glass of this bottle (2006, Santa Amelia Reserva Selection, Cabernet Sauvignon Maule Valley Chile) on a Very Special Date with Myself. Ah, the Self Date. As you all know, I love my husband dearly... but who can resist the pull of an Evening All to Oneself? Sigh. I mean, I didn't go an light a bunch of candles or anything, but it was lovely all the same.

It was a Friday, which is the absolute best day of the week in my humble opinion. I was tired, but not so that I fell asleep as soon as I crashed on the couch. And I got to watch a bone fide click flick (He's Just Not That Into You) without being assaulted with scoffs every time someone did something "unrealistic." Unrealistic? Um. I am not so sure what is "unrealistic" about guys and girls swirling around in a sea of indecision and emotional pandemonium before falling breathlessly into the warm embrace of total and utter HAPPINESS AND SPLENDOR AND AMAZINGNESS AND FANTASTIC OUTFITS AND CUPS OF LATTE THAT NEVER END. What is so unrealistic about that exactly?

Anywho- the wine. The first glass I had had a chance to breathe for almost an hour (I forgot to water my plants and my mother says that if I kill one more plant I am going to Plant Hell and well, you can only imagine how that keeps me up at night), but it still tasted like it needed more time. By the time Friday came around it had definitely improved. It's a bit spicy and woodsy on the nose with a hint of current. John said there was a hint of "old."

John's Review: Thumbs Down
Shauna's 1st Review: Thumbs Down
Shauna's 2nd Review: Thumbs Up
Overall Review: Thumbs Up because I obviously get two votes on the vote I think is more important.

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