Monday, June 8, 2009

16lbs of Holy Terror

When Kayloo first came into our home we were worried that Mickey wasn't going to be high energy enough for her. Kayloo would nip at his tail, his nose... his entire head. She'd bounce around, nudge him and then lay on him in a final attempt to get his attention. Mickey would run in the other direction with his tail securely between his legs, ignore her entirely or stare at me with pleading eyes. I am fairly certain he was saying something along the lines of: Are you KIDDING me? Why oh WHY is she touching me and how did she get in here anyway? And then slowly, ever so slowly Mickey became less shy and blossomed into a wee, fuzzy, 16lb, brown bundle of HOLY TERROR. I am not kidding. He was a growling, humping pain in the butt and he only calmed down after we ran him on his exercise wheel thing for half a day. And then he'd blink and be back at it again.

These pictures are taken before Mickey became Evil. Below you can see Mickey is plainly saying*: I see that you have put your paw in my eyeball. Again. We've talked about this. I hate you.

*Don't humanize your dogs people. It's weird.

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  1. That's funny! I've had a similar situation at my house. I had a 3-year-old collie/terrier mix and brought in a Jack Russell puppy. (That was almost 3 years ago.) The Jack Russell usually torments the older dog and someimes the older dog lets him have it. They're both neutered males and I think they are sometimes confused about who the dominant one is. Mickey and Kayloo are really cute!

  2. Thank you! Kayloo is bigger so she could certainly take Mickey if she put her mind to it. Mickey is just such a turkey... it'll be interested to see how things play out!