Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Effectiveness of Screaming like a Banshee

This picture is from the same trip up island (in British Columbia). Right before this an evil hawk (eagle? dragon? who cares...) was circling around our heads planning its attack to make a nice light snack of Mickey. The Evil Monster was swooping in, swooping out, swooping in, swooping out and I'm pretty sure his EYES WERE RED and he had a DEMONIC SMILE. All the while I'm running around the beach screaming like a banshee, waving my hands over my head & hollering at John: "You get him RIGHT NOW! Grab him! Get him! Take this SERIOUSLY John!!! Ahhhh! The sky is FALLING!!!!!" Mickey thought this was a fabulous game and kept safely out of reach while the crazy woman (me) got herself all wet splashing in the puddles across the entire beach.

As it turned out my lunacy was very effective and the Evil Hawk left us alone and we all lived happily ever after so the dogs could roll in mud puddles and tromp all over big rocks covered in clams.

I absolutely loved watching them run down the beach. Look at their happy tails! One might say they were happy as clams...

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