Monday, June 29, 2009

Secret Hiding Place for my Winter Underwear

Did a little spring cleaning the other day- decided to put all the winter stuff away and bring out the bright and sunny summer stuff. And this is was the result. Complete and utter frustrating pandemonium. The people who lived here previously forgot to mention that any closet and storage space we thought we saw in each room would shrivel up and die the very second they handed over the keys. The VERY SECOND. "There's a closet" POOF!!!! No more closet. No more cupboards. No more shelves, no more place to put anything, no more AIR. Where did the air go, I could have sworn WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE AIR?!!!??!

Mickey thought it was great fun, of course. We don't care what Mickey thinks.

Turns out there is a bit of storage and its door is conveniently located in the following location:
  • underneath the carpet in the closet by the front door (i.e. under the house)
Did you get that? UNDER THE CARPET. As in under it. You have to pull the carpet up. And you have to remove the closet doors in order to pull the carpet up. So the doors were in the living room somewhere.

Don't believe me? Photographic evidence:

Who is their right FREAKING mind would require that you remove closet doors and pull up carpet to get to the access point to ANYTHING? PLEASE TELL ME, FANCY DESIGNERS. Maybe this would be a good place to hide fugitives, or money after I rob a bank, or perhaps even a growth op (that is "bad guy" lingo for a place where one might grow drugs. I think), but I am pretty damn sure my winter UNDERWEAR does not need a secret hiding place.

The image above shows John reaching (reaching!) for air as he heave ho's the aforementioned Winter Underwear.

Right after this we went for dinner and downed our french wine. Can ya blame us? After all of that we should have had two bottles...

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  1. I feel your pain. Was the wine better after a day like that? My mother just moved out of a house that had the attic door in the back of her front closet. You step up into the closet and then move the jackets to the side so that you can push the door back and crawl through. Not as trying as your day, but I had to crawl through it many times to get whatever she might need out of the attic.

  2. I think if you go a little deeper into that crazy storage space, you'll find a magical land with a regal lion, a frosty white witch and a kindly faun.

  3. How much winter underwear do you have that it requires its own storage space?

    That must be a Canada thing because I don't believe I have any winter underwear. Is it fur-lined or something? That might actually be nice.

    I wear the same cotton, silk and strecth blend little nothings all year long.

    I am glad we could share that.

  4. AnonymousJuly 29, 2009

    Interesting blog Shauna! Congrats! I'll check in periodically from time to time :)

  5. LOL!!! This is hilarious and I can totally relate...we've just moved into our new apt. in the city which I LOVE...great location on the upper west side, lot's of room BUT NO STORAGE...I'm having to be more creative than ever with how I attempt to's ok to put bedroom linens in a kitchen cupboard right??!!

    I think I'll try looking under the hardwood for any Scooby Doo secret storage spots like you found :)