Thursday, June 4, 2009

Introducing Miss Kayloo

Little Miss Kayloo. At this point she had not yet made our home brighter, but she was melting hearts all over. Of course she was! Kayloo was abandoned when she was 4 weeks old and the fabulous people at the Victoria Pet Adoption Society brought her back to her perfect, shiny puppy dog self. How evil do you need to be to abandon a puppy? Sigh... she is so gorgeous...


  1. OMG She is so beautiful WTF is wrong with so many people who can do such a thing!! I really sickens me! You are going to get huge Karma point for saving puppies

  2. Some people just don't have ANY brains. Just today I had to stop myself from choking some guy that was getting after his dog. Yeah the dog barked because my dog barked first, but hey dogs do that. I told Betty (my dog) to hush, she just got that dog in trouble. I looked over as we were walking on and this idiot had this dog down basically shouting at it. I could tell it was a puppy, but a BIG puppy. He swatted it too. Fuming, Betty and I went on. We walked completely around the other building, to avoid this guy. Some people have NO brains and DO NOT deserve to have a dog(s).

  3. @Valerie & Jackie- I KNOW! I mean LOOK AT HER! She's practically a perfect little stuffed bear with PERKY EARS! How could you walk away from ears like that?!! I joke... but she just looks so perfect and pathetic I just want to reach into the screen and protect her.

  4. I have a different perspective...I'm glad he/she took her to the dump. But keep reading!

    If not, she could possibly be in an environment where she is abused daily. Some people (?) simply have no business having dogs or kids and I'm grateful they don't have her in their possession. Now, it would have been nice if they had been more responsible but it's simply asking too much from some people to have kindness they are not capable of!

    Life hands us bad and good and sometimes it's hard to imagine why, but think about it. If this person had not left her, if she had not been taken to a center, if you had not adopted her...where would she be.

    She was clearly meant to be your dog; so I thank that person, even if their intent was not honorable...because this sweet puppy that quite obviously has both your heart and your shoes; was meant to be your dog!

    I have a ten year old dog; thankfully healthy and I'm grateful for her every day; that unconditional love stuff...that goes a long way to making my day better.