Thursday, June 18, 2009

French Restaurant (capital "F," capital "R")

John and I celebrated our anniversary (ahhh, ooooh) and we went to this fabulous, cute little restaurant that had a bunch of wonderful posters on the walls. It was cool and quaint and made us miss Europe. It was a French Restaurant (capital "F," capital "R"). You can probably tell because in the poster above, the woman is BARE CHESTED. GASP!!! When I was in Amsterdam I don't think I ever saw so many naked women in advertising in my life. And I was scandalized, I must say. I once went to a perfectly reputable restaurant and on the large (too large in this case) screens there were people doing things that you don't want to watch while you are eating. Why on earth did they think that would be a good idea? I am far too prude for that kind of thing. What happened to good old fashioned Dutch windmills and clogs and marijuana and prostitution with your meal?

Since we were at a French Restaurant we had French Wine. We never have french wine. We have Australian wine and Chilean wine and South African wine... but not a lot of French. And when I say "not a lot" I mean "nada." It was a 2007 Brouilly, a red Beaujolais wine, and I have probably completely embarrassed myself by missing something important in the name, but in any case, you have the picture there below so you can find it if you want to give it a go. The candle doesn't come with it.

Overall Review: Thumbs Up (even from John!)

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