Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wine: Dodgy Little Penguin

This "Little Penguin" bottle, although sitting out by my front step for this photo because it is Oh So Artistic, generally sits on the counter in my kitchen by my stove. You'll notice that the label is slightly torn at the top. In my house, this is a VERY good indication that this bottle has been around for awhile because bottles of wine are NEVER around for long enough for anything to happen to their labels. Nosireebob. Wine enters the house, is corked & is drunk in one fell swoop (a quick shout out to all the small town folks! Yeeah!).

No, this bottle serves a very special purpose: I am thrifty (read: cheap) and, rather than throw out wine that has escaped my gullet and dared to get old, I put it in this bottle and use it for cooking. Is that weird? Does anyone else do this? Please don't write to me and tell me that I am violating some major health code and I am one step away from starting an Off Wine epidemic.

Overall rating: a very wary Thumbs Up because I have no idea what is in that bottle nowadays.


  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2009

    Well here we are it's 10pm and we are up reading your bog(as dad calls it)and to quote dad this is funny shit.Good Night Shauna Dee.

  2. Well, I probably use the wine for cooking first and then drink what's left.