Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009- Photos

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Okay, so this post is a bit out of order since I already wrote my Happy New Year! post, but whatev. Here are a few pics from the holiday season:

Me wearing a goofy Santa hat on Christmas morning:

I am sporting one (1) fancy black glove, one (1) 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympics Red Mitten (ALL the rage here in Canada at the moment. I am SO in), and my new scarf. Kayloo is playing with her new favourite toy and not doing anything bad. Banner morning.

If I look a little tense it's probably because I am about to embark on my First Christmas Turkey Extravaganza ever (I freak out about it at the beginning of December here) and I am not exactly taking it in stride. I had planned to take pictures each step of the way so I could share them with you all but it's hard to take pictures when you are in PERMANENT PANIC MODE.

The day consisteded of self imposed emergencies such as: Drum stick awol! DRUM STICK AWOL! Perform IMMEDIATE drum stick recovery now, NOW, NOW!!! Get that drum stick back in the roasting pot, launch Perfect Gravy Protocol AND GIVE ME 10 SOLDIER!

Here are the dogs messing with the stockings:

Photo during our walk after opening stockings and gorging on breakfast (waffles with berries and whip cream. YUM) but BEFORE we opened our "main" presents (special note to the non-Canadians reading this post: CHECK IT OUT! NO SNOW OR IGLOOS OR ANYTHING!):

And here we have our family photo. Introducing... drum roll... for the first time on Fido & Wino... MY HUSBAND, JOHN! As you can see he DOES exist and I wasn't just making him up in past posts (like here and here):

Christmas pretty much rocks in my books...

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  1. lived out there in 1970,green christmases for a prairie

  2. Looks like it was a good Christmas for all!

  3. looks like the dogs can't wait to get into their stockings. Christmas is fun, even with turkey cooking drama.

  4. @Schwang- Thank you very much!

    It was a GREAT Christmas!

  5. No snow!!?? I thought I was pretty darned clever when I moved a bit south this year. This Big City rarely gets snow, but guess what? Apparently I'm not as smart as I thought I was.
    And c'mon, you could have picked up any random stranger on the trail that day and forced him to pose with you!

  6. @laura- Lol- Damnit! Caught me! :)