Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Sync (or the Lion, the Pink and the Collar)

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If my dogs were in a boy band (even though Kayloo is a girl) they would be *NSYNC. Cuz they are walking on the same foot it. They are "in sync." Get it?

Okay, back to Kayloo being a girl. Kayloo is a girl and she wears a blue collar so everyone always says things like," Oh, look at how friendly HE is," "Oh, HE'S so slobbery," "Oh, look at that, HE doesn't know me at all but here HE is trying to sit on my lap." KAYLOO IS A GIRL, PEOPLE. Come on now.

It's all my fault too. When we first got Kayloo they thought she was going to be 25lbs. But she kept growing and growing and growing so when she graduated from her first collar we had to get something that would fit her for awhile. I found a SUPER CUTE pink collar with studs on it and John, for some reason LOST EVERY FIBRE OF ADVENTURE IN HIS BODY and said: NO HELL NO SHAUNA NO PUT IT DOWN.


So, being the gentle, accommodating wallflower that I am, I quiety acquiesced and said, "Of course, Husband. Whatever you wish," AND THEN A GIANT LION GALLOPED INTO THE STORE AND ATE EVERY SINGLE COLLAR EXCEPT FOR THE BLUE ONE KAYLOO WEARS TODAY.


It's a very bright, shiny blue. It's a lovely colour. I'm not a rhinstone kind of girl but there is something about that damn boy collar that makes me want to pull some mad Martha Stewart skills ALL OVER IT. Maybe it'll be blue and... wait for it... PINK!!!

Just kidding, truth be told, I just said that to bug John. I don't care what colour it is I just want it to be more feminine.

If you have some amazing Spruce-Up-Kayloo's-Collar ideas for me, lemme know! As we all know sewing isn't exactly my strong point (you can read about an earlier attempt at sewing here), but HELP ME STOP THE MADNESS, PEOPLE! KAYLOO IS A GIRL!!!

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  1. You're too funny. It's not exactly difficult to tell a boy dog from a girl do. I go walking with a friends every morning, and me, as the resident pet expert needs to let her know which animals are what. Perhaps a whole generation needs to take Biology 101 again :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about everyone calling your girl dog a HE. My girl has a teal colored collar, and despite the PINK LEASH attached to it, I sill hear "he" everywhere I go! I guess it's assumed that all small fluffy dogs are girls and all other dogs are boys...

  3. I was also informed via Twitter that ALL DOGS ARE BOYS AND ALL CATS ARE GIRLS. COME ON!!!

    Oh, forgot to mention- Kayloo (the girl) is the big dog and Mickey (the boy) is the small dog. So of course, if one dog is bigger obviously HE is a boy.