Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Advertisement: Oh My GOD You Totally Need to Get a Dog

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I've answered a few questions on whether or not people should get a dog recently so I thought I would do a little mini advertisement on just how FABULOUS dogs are. Sure, they crap on your carpet, don't always do as they're told and they wreck your stuff... but watching their happy puppy bums trot across a dog park (almost/not quite) erases all that frustration and is PRICELESS reminder to chill out, have fun and remember your sense of humour. A sense of humour, in addition to a good floor cleaner and insurance, is about the most important tool you can have at your disposal when adding a (pain in the ass) wonderful dog to your home!*go to end of post for other important "Should I Get a Dog?" points

Dogs rock, basically. Some of my friends think I need to get a life, or children or something... but whatever. Top 5 reasons for why I will always have a dog:

  1. When a dog likes you, you know you are GOLDEN. Nothing better than a pup shining to you when you walk into a group. Having dogs makes every other dog like you because you already smell like a dog. This point does not help your popularity with other PEOPLE.
  2. Happy dog tails- it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a in a bad mood when you watch a happy dog with a crazy tail thwapping chairs and walls and sending small children flying. That is SUCH a smile-inducer right there.
  3. Dog tricks- teaching a dog to "roll over" makes you feel like a Super Star Master Dog Trainer and gives you a (somewhat undeserved) sense of amazing-ness.
  4. A tired dog falling asleep on your lap can make the even the most uptight, A-type personality slow down and stay still for as long as the little guy snores. In my house, if a dog is asleep on you, that can get you out of doing the dishes RIGHT THERE. Please don't make a big deal of this to my husband.
  5. Every dog has their own funny and unique sounds that make you smile every time you hear them: Kayloo groans like an old man as she is falling asleep. Mickey makes a sound that is a cross between a dog and a cat when he's excited. Kayloo has a hard time howling and makes a HILARIOUS hacking sound when she is coming out of a croon (I am trying to record this to share it with you guys. John and I practically start popping popcorn for the show every time there are sirens or church bells (yeah, my dog doesn't like church bells. I'm pretty sure she's Satan's dogs' spawn)).

If all that hasn't convinced you: when was the last time you went to the beach and watched the waves for entertainment? Aside from the hacking-o-hairball Mickey performs at the beginning of the clip, it's pretty idyllic, right?

Other Should I Get A Dog? Stuff:

  • Dogs are A LOT of work. Hour walk in the morning, hour walk at night. Are you away all day? Say goodbye to going out for dinner because you will feel guilty (and you should) about leaving your dog for the evening if you have already left them all day.
  • $$- on average, people spend about $1,000 on their dog each year. And if you are into swoopy outfits you will spend a lot more than that. You will be your pups Sugar Daddy/Mama.
  • You are TOTALLY responsible for this animal- if your dog barks, your fault; is aggressive, your fault; doesn't listen, your fault & ALL your responsibility to deal with. You don't get to take your dog to the SPCA if it turns out he's a bit more jumpy than you expected. You also don't get to take your dog to the SPCA because he gets too old and suddenly you think he is lame (HEAPS of jackass people do this every year).

That said, John and I are SO GLAD Mickey and Kayloo are a part of our lives! If you decide to get a dog I cannot recommend highly enough. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but it's how we found Kayloo. Millions of dogs in shelters are euthanized each year- you can get puppies and pure breeds if that is what you are after and you will also have the heart cozy feeling of knowing that you saved a life! How often do you get that opportunity?

Oh my god, I feel like we should all hold hands and listen to After Glow by Sarah McLachlan!

WARNING!!! If you click that Sarah McLachlan link above you will CRY like a wee baby! Damn cute pups and their innocent-ness!

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  1. Ha, ha, "Gertie" (beagle) sleeps with her eyes open and snores like a train. Kinda creepy, but hilarious too!
    I love that Sarah/ASPCA commercial. :-)

  2. Yay, hello for Mickey and Kayloo. Woof from the UK

  3. Great post, I found Prudence (my absolutely crazy treeing walker coonhound) on Petfinder, and recommend the site to anyone asking.
    Give Mickey and Kayloo a pet for me and a sniff for Pru!

  4. Yeah! Petfinder rocks! So does Sarah McLachlan!

    By the way, what is a "treeing walker"?

  5. When I'm watching TV and the Sarah McLachlan commercials come on I can't tear myself away. I try to. I hate crying. I hate seeing those abused animals. But I punish myself anyway! If I had a zillion dollars I'd adopt every one of them.

  6. When we were looking, we couldn't find an adult male pitbull for adoption in Chicago--petfinder became our best friend. Having dogs also allowed us to meet so many people in our neighborhoods. It's true you have to make a huge time commitment, and financial commitment, but it's been totally worth it.