Sunday, November 8, 2009

Role Model with Shutzpa

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Photographic evidence that my little terrier is a terror. The 50lb dog is sitting on the floor while the 15lb dog is sitting smack in the middle of the GIGANTIC Molly Mutt cushion.

The cushion is HUGE- it takes up most of the hallway. There is enough room for two of BOTH OF THEM and Mickey goes ahead and dominates the thing!

Go on admit it, you wish you had just a little of Mickey's shutzpa. Just THINK of how your work day would ROCK if you had the guts to tell the "big dog" to get the hell off YOUR cushion.

Of course, upon meeting ANYONE Mickey promptly sprawls out flat on his back (check him out in action here), so maybe we shouldn't be using Mickey as a role model just yet.

Editors note: I MADE A MISTAKE! As you can see below my friend The Pet Food Guy pointed out that I spelled "chutzpa" with an "s" rather than a "c." He would know better than me because he is from New York. Sorry Pet Food Guy! Thank you for telling me!

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  1. ha I have always firmly believed that the smaller the dog the more dominant it tends to be :)

  2. Nudge, nudge, push, whine, nudge......pillow all to myself. Woof

  3. The funny thing is Kayloo doesn't even question it. Mickey went through a period when Kayloo wasn't allowed in the living room... or up the stairs...??? And Kayloo's like: Yeah, sorry guys. I can't come and snuggle with you right now cuz Mickey says 'no.' I'll let you know when he changes his mind. Again: ???!

  4. Hi Shauna

    Just a small correction but the word is
    chutzpa. Take it from a former Nu Yawker.

    I guess shutzpa is just the way most people say it and spell it now


  5. @PetFoodGuy- ah! thank you for the correction! I've added a note to the post noting my error. Thank you!

  6. Funny, Kayloo has his head cocked in almost all of his pics, like he knows he's about to have his pic snapped. Cute. =]