Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday's Make it Easier to Handle the Dentist

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Omg IT'S FRIDAY!!!! (Wanna read another super excited FRIDAY!!! post? Sure ya do! Here it is!!!).

Guess what John and I are doing this weekend... come on, guess! Ok, I'll tell you. We're going to rent a stupid steamcleaner for our carpets because our STUPID DOGS ARE STUPID.

AND I'm going to nurse my wimpy girly gums because I just braved a trip to the dentist. I hate the dentist. WHO'S WITH ME? You go to the dental office and the dentist is all, "Hmmm, that's interesting. Your gums are bleeding." And you're all, "ARE ALL YOUR OTHER PATIENTS SUPERHUMAN FREAKS WITH TITANIUM GUMS? I don't have titanium gums! I have normal flesh gums that react negatively to being slap chopped with MINI MACHETES."

To be clear, my dentist and dental hygenist are super nice people. They are kind and charming and without a doubt the ONLY PEOPLE I trust to come near my face with any contraption that makes a terrifying weeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sound.

My issue has more with the fact that dentristy mandates sharp metal pokey things doing acrobatics in my mouth.

While I'm busy with that my dogs are going to run around a bit and then hang out in front of the fire. Tough life.

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  1. Hi Shauna, (Fido and Wino), I have been in the dental field since 1991 and I have learned that most dental offices are lazy and do not want to explain to their patients many things about dental care.
    I want to tell you that your gums should not bleed if they do you might have gingivitis and the hygienist, I feel, don't want to help patients make it better? maybe they think it keeps them in business?
    I love teeth so much or the health of teeth that I get all my dogs teeth professionally cleaned once a year and they have beautiful teeth. I even have 2 dogs with root canals so they could keep their canines
    Can you post more about your doggies dental care so we can see who else helps their doggies keep the dental health?

    Thank you '
    Valerie Leuba

    I love you stories Thank you

  2. @Valerie- Oh no! I think I've given the wrong impression about my dentist! Honestly, they are really, really lovely & incredibly informative & gave me all kinds of tips and tricks. One thing I learned- which was fascinating- was that I've been brushing my teeth incorrectly. The dental hygenist told me the correct form: hold your brush on an angle at the gum line, jiggle and then brush down/up. I was going up & down & up & down & thought I was doing quite well. Good to know!

    Also- make sure you floss everyone! Very important.

    When you get your dogs teeth cleaned do they need to go under? Or are they awake during the cleaning?

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. LOL! @Paul hates dentists. I am passionate about my hate for dentists. And its worse when they try to lecture me, geez, I'm approaching the half century mark; if i don't do it right now, then forget it, I ain't changing, get over it!

    When I was a kid, we didn't clean our dogs' teeth and they lived into their late teens with a full head of teeth. Today, we're supposed to clean them annually, and they live to around 10 on average. While one isn't the cause of the other, its certainly not a contributing factor to age, i.e., there are alternatives to dentistry for dogs.

    As for the carpet cleaning bit...we went that route for the first couple of to the grocery store, rent a rug doctor, clean the carpets....every couple of months or so. Now we've learned our lesson. We own our own steam fact we have 3 of them. But dang, the rug doctor still does the best job, and they're waay expensive. So, I guess I'll need to go rent one soon too. :-(

  4. We used our Thank You points from our citibank credit cards to buy a deep cleaner, so I guess it was kind of free. I envy your fire.

  5. i love going to the dentist and your dog is adorable.

  6. Common. Its okay. The dogs would be nice if you would be nice with them also. Anyway regarding the dentist, try choosing the best cosmetic dentist so that you won't feel that acrobat thing on you mouth. :)