Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cow-Like Splendour

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This is a picture of Kayloo's forehead- we call her Oreo Blizzard Head because with the black and the white and the spots... she looks like an Oreo Blizzard.

Mmmm... Oreo Blizzard... John and I got Blizzards on Sunday after we climbed a freaking mountain in the rain and then battled our way through Costco. Costco is Hell in a Warehouse. I went in for bread and meat and came out with 50lbs of garlic stuffed olives and 5 Christmas trees.

I did manage to get the meat and bread though! HOORAY FOR ME!!!

BUT- I was supposed to get steak... and somehow I managed to walk out of there with pork chops.

Let me explain: I was a vegetarian for 10 years and now I only eat red meat when I am a guest somewhere and it would be rude of me to gag. Sooo, my Meat Knowledge kind of sucks. Usually I grab whoever is standing next to me and ask for their help (you know: "Excuse me. I just moved here from Venus where we don't slaughter innocent creatures for shishkabob. Could you please tell me which of these packages will lead me towards the iron and Vitamin B12 carnivorous ecstacy I am seeking?"). However, THIS TIME I WAS SURE. I'm not sure how I was sure though because I just checked the package again and there is is: HEY IDIOT. THIS IS PORK NOT STEAK.

I'm going to blame it on my crappy eyesight. No real good reason for that. I just am.

One thing I can recognize though: A DOG WHO LOOKS LIKE A COW. Look at her head! Here she is here and here and here in all her cow-like splendour.

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  1. A popular variety of pork in this part of the country is the pork STEAK. Perhaps you were confused and thought you were in the Bootheel. But really, Missouri (oh excuse me, Missoura) is hickish and hillbilly-ish and pork steaks are the bbq meat of of those 6-pack meals, if ya will. Yep, 6-pack meals are those that you slap on the grill and when yer 6-pack is done, so's your meat! For those who need me to translate, that's a couple of bottles of cheap wine. ;-)

  2. @Paul- pork steak! yes! that is what I thought it was (thanks for the excuse :))

  3. Oreo Blizzard! Just like Nelly. She has a top patch of freckled fur on her head. Do you know if Kayloo has any Australian Cattle Dog in her?

    Here's a picture of Nelly -

  4. @AnimatedPet- Nelly is a cutie! Yes, we think Kayloo probably has some cattle dog in her, as well as kelpie maybe & pitbull. And carebear ;)