Monday, December 28, 2009

Cheetah Toy

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Yeah to Petstages and their Toss & Shake toy!

John's parents got us this toy for Mickey for Christmas and Kayloo appropriated it for herself and it kept her occupied ALL CHRISTMAS MORNING. I am not kidding you. She sat there and she played with it which meant she spent less time shredding wrapping paper into 60 trillion shreds. Don't get me wrong, cleaning up 60 trillion shreds of red and green soggy mess is super fun, but NOT doing that is better.

Ohmigod! And I just looked at the Petstages testimonials page and a freaking Cheetah cub plays with their ring thing-o. A CHEETAH! Holy crap that is so cool. And she has WICKED HAIR. Ohmigod I want a Cheetah.

Just kidding. Kind of.

I think this means that via, via, via Kayloo is practically as wicked-cool-agile as a Cheetah. Except Kayloo would actually rather sleep. Hmmm. Will keep you posted as to Kayloo's Cheetah-agile-ness.

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  1. That girl knew what she wanted. And she kept herself busy so she wouldn't get in trouble. Sounds to me like she is growing up

  2. @Kari- ohmigod I just had to choke back a tear... my baby's growin' up! ;)