Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuff My Dogs Have Wrecked: Christmas Card

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Even sharing this gnawed on Christmas card with you now, I know it's a little weak. It's a card. The corner is gone. YOU CAN STILL TELL IT'S A WREATH.

It's like my dogs aren't even trying anymore.

I mean, how to compare to cushion fluff everywhere (like here) or busting the World's Perfect Sandals (like here). Which leads me to a question I am afraid to utter lest I jinx it:

Are my dogs getting better?

This latest attempt is practically half-assed, isn't it? Back in the day my dogs would have OBLITERATED that dang card. It would have been SHREDDED and MASHED and... let's be honest... they probably would have eaten it and I would have said to myself "I think we received a Christmas card yesterday... but maybe not... maybe if I sent out cards we'd RECEIVE more cards... probably imagining things again..." AND THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE STORY ABOUT THE CHRISTMAS CARD. It would have been a NON-STORY and I would have filled this space with insightful musings about world politics or something.

Or something.

It's more likely that my dogs are just messing with me and saving up their destructiveness for something really juicy like a Christmas turkey.

Does it ever concen you that you spend a certain portion of your day trying to outsmart AN ANIMAL? If that doesn't concern you then it doesn't concern me either.

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  1. I think you're right..they're just messing with you. Our dogs are definitely smarter then we think. I used to plot elaborate ideas to catch Miss M when she would sneak up to sleep on the sofa at night. I even went so far as to hide under a comforter and sleep on the sofa so I could scare her when she climbed on. She never came. She was too busy having a great time sleeping in my bed.

  2. @Schwang- "She was too busy having a great time sleeping in my bed." That is HILARIOUS!!!