Monday, August 17, 2009

Stuff My Dogs Have Wrecked: Shoes

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Kayloo was the kingpin behind the Cushion Fiasco. Here we have the mastermind behind the Shoe Wrecking Incident:

A bit of back story: My mom and I have decided that we want to start this annual "Chick's Only Weekend" (from this point forward known as PROJECT C.O.W.). 2009 was the first annual event. We gabbed. We shopped. We shopped. We shopped.

The 109th store my mother dragged me to was the Shoe Store from Hell. And there was a sale. So, it was the Shoe Store from Hell jacked up on triple shot, sugar-free Vanilla Americano's and hairspray. About one million of us voluntarily filed down into the depths of this gigantic, cave of a store with no natural light and only fluorescent yellow CHECK IT OUT YOU CRAZY LADIES SALE!!! signs to light our way.

And I found these shoes. The perfect shoes. They looked decent. They were comfortable. A bit of a heel, but not too much. They didn't click when I walked. They were summery. They were perfect.

Enter Mickey. As you can see from the picture above, he is quite evil and this was a calculated attack.

The little strappy thing that keeps the sandal on my foot is now GONE. GONE I TELL YOU! All the shopping and walking and jostling and wrestling (I don't care how old she was, I FOUND THEM FIRST and she had to go DOWN)... all for NOTHING.

These are my favourite cowboy boots:

Actually, they are my only cowboy boots. They are so favourite, I haven't even worn them yet. If anything happens to these boots, I'm telling you right now I'm making purses out of both of those dogs.

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  1. Thanks for a really long and hearty laugh!!

    And I can soooo relate.

    I think dog toy manufacturers are in bed with clothing manufacturers. The idea of teaching a dog that every piece of soft fabric has a prize buried within it is death to anything that lacks a squeaker.

    I have lost belt loops on dress pants, various parts of shoes -- tongues, shoelaces, heels -- pockets on shirts, the skirt on a La-Z-Boy sofa, and much much more. I don't own a pair of underwear without holes -- newer pairs have fewer holes. Socks make great pull toys and can often be found stretched nearly twice their normal length between the clenched jaws of two golden retrievers.

  2. @Paul- They've gnawed on the corner of a chair, another pair of shoes... they managed to get a hole of my glasses once (SUPER fantastic that one)... earlier tonight Mickey ran off with my friends' kids' diaper (nope, not used. THAT would have been Bad.) Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Yep. That's why my most expensive pair of shoes is $35. Well, shoe. The strappy part on the right one is GONE. I was in denial for a week that it was still wearable. ~VAdvocate/Twitter (Elaine)

  4. man can I relate - my "puppy" Scout has eaten not one but TWO pair of my Fluevogs. and yet she lives

    love your blog!

  5. Oh my dog has eaten many a shoe....
    My heart goes out to your footwear collection.
    It's like they know which pair we prefer and attack when they get mad.