Sunday, August 30, 2009

White in New York

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This is my favourite belt:

I am conflicted. This is an Ed Hardy belt. I bought it exactly 1 year and 6 months ago in New York when I had NO IDEA who/what Ed Hardy was. I learned on the blog Stuff White People Like that I should not like Ed Hardy stuff because "white people hate these clothes unilaterally." As you can see, I AM WHITE.


I'm not sure how much I should freak out about this.

Am I'm ok as long as I don't wear the hightops, truckers cap, t-shirt AND belt at the same time? Can I keep it if I stop making "East side, West side" signs to unsuspecting passerby? It'll be hard to quit my gang of Freaky Chicks Who Wear Too Much Ed Hardy and Snap Their Gum, but I'll do it if it means I can KEEP MY WICKED BELT.

Have MERCY on a white chick who found a cool belt on sale, people.

Who knew this would be such a minefield.

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  1. My Dear you are just in the wrong place. Having just visited the Alaska State Fair (twice in one week) I can tell you Hightops, Trucker Cap, shirts all of it including the belt you would fit right in. And as Mrs Palin drew the world to Alaska you know we are almost all white here. Very Very white. in fact some of the whitest people I know are here. Totally.