Monday, August 31, 2009

Apples & Earrings

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I am up in Northern-ish British Columbia right now, visiting my folks.

Just for the record, we are NOT buried in snow. My parents do not live in an igloo, yes WE DO have electricity, and no I DON'T KNOW YOUR DAD'S FRIEND BOB.

No I don't.

That may sound like an old joke, but you would be surprised at how often I get asked some version of that question. I don't mind being asked that question, but let me assure you: I DON'T KNOW BOB (unless you mean THAT Bob. Everyone knows THAT Bob).

I took this photo last night in the front yard just as the sun was starting to set:

Look at that! PROOF that we are not buried in snow and PROOF that it rocks up here.

And here is some more proof that it rocks up here:

I got these earrings ON SALE for $5! 5 BUCKS! Just TRY to contain your excitement guys!

So, what we have here are free apples and $5 earrings, which is basically a hallmark day in my world.

See what I mean? Visiting the folks rocks.

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