Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scary Stuff

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Here are my turkeys waiting for dinner. As you can see, Kayloo is very close to perishing. Try as she might, she has not yet mastered making food magically appear (you can see her try here).

From this photo you might actually think my dogs are good. DON'T BE FOOLED! I have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL, appetites are destroyed ALL THE TIME and there are NO REGULAR BEDTIMES IN THIS HOUSEHOLD. Ever. I've even been known to rot my mind with television. And Cosmopolitan magazines. And YouTube.

Hello, my name is Shauna. I may have been given an extra dose of crazy somewhere along the line.

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  1. haha, Kayloo looks kind of like my Marge does at feeding time. Nice to know I'm not the only one living with a complete food-a-holic of a dog. :D

  2. @Sam- she sits there and STARES until she is fed. And if she doesn't get her food when she seems to think she should, she goes to her cushion & collapses. Poor dog. Clearly we torture her in our spare time.

  3. Oh my god. Your dogs are starving. STARVING! They are wasting away to nothing whilst you sip your Pinot.

    Kayloo is saying, "Please lady, may I have some more?"

    I don't know how you live with yourself, letting these dogs just starve like that.

    My dogs were so starving they had to get in the garbage after dinner. They were reduced to eating garbage (it was smoked chicken skin, plus some yummy paper).

    How tragic that they live, thus.

  4. Holy crap -- your blog overall is a hoot. but this just made me think of Deuce (the moose wonder-girl) running to the kitchen at all hours and then "subtly" glancing to the top of the fridge where the treats are stored. She could never be one of thos poker playing dogs -- she gives way too much away with her "subtle" glances. The rest of the time she just a chatty Siamese. Dogs. Love em. Love your blog and you for sharing.