Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here's to Awesome Wonderfulness!

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Reading up on what has been happening at the Toronto Humane Society the last few days has got me to thinking:

So fair enough, some horrible stuff happens out there, but you know what? Some SUPER WICKED FANTASTIC STUFF happens too!

That's right!

I'll bet that together, we know hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of wonderful, amazing and spectacular shelter and humane society employees and volunteers. I was thinking it would be nice to call some attention to all that wonderfulness- what do you think?

Ok! I'll start!

For John and I (and of course, Mickey) if it wasn't for PetFinder.com and the Victoria Pet Adoption Society we would never know the cuddly, slobbery, head-cocking goofiness of our not-so-little Kayloo. A special thank you to society employee Kay who took the time to interview John and I and inspect Kayloo's new home to ensure she was going to a great forever home.

How about you guys? Got some bouquets you want to spread around?

Something I would just like to mention quickly before wrapping up: There is a lot of work still to be done at the Toronto Humane Society. We know that. But it sounds like there are many people who did and are doing a lot of good there as well. Not everyone should be painted with the same brush.

If you have an organization or a person you would like to shine on it would be lovely if you would mention them in the comments! Or send me an email at fidoandwino(at)gmail.com if you would like to share your thoughts that way.

Thank you to all you wonderful people doing your best to be the guardians of the innocent animals in your care.

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  1. I'm a volunteer so, of course, I'm biased, but I think the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA in San Mateo, CA, USA, is a class act. Everyone I've encountered there, both volunteer and staff, radiates caring for the critters entrusted to them. Check them out at: http://www.peninsulahumanesociety.org/

  2. I totally agree. There are some really great people working and volunteering in animal shelters all across North America.

    I've seen some websites suggesting that people stop donating to the "BIG" organizations, like the ASPCA over Oreo's euthanization, the HSUS over their affiliation with Michael Vick, and now with the Toronto Humane Society.

    In my opinion, by boycotting and reducing donations to these organizations will in the end only hurt the animals, and the good work that the good people do with them.

    Perhaps there should be a better screening process to weed out as many of the bad ones as possible, I don't know.

    To the good people that have pledged to help animals, either by working or volunteering in our animal shelters, please keep doing what you're doing, and thank you.

  3. Everyone at VPAS in Victoria especially Catherine who does brilliant work there. She works incredibly hard and loves every minute of it!

  4. I like your angle. For every terrible thing happening out there, there are still so many wonderful people and organizations working to help dogs. Hopefully this awareness will make people work even harder to help animals. We absolutely love our rescue group here in Chicago: New Leash on Life. They are entirely volunteer run; every dollar goes directly to help the dogs. They work really hard to find the overlooked, "hard to adopt" animals. They take dogs from Animal Care and Control, the overpopulated, underserved city pound, and foster and train them until they're adopted. They have had a lot of success adopting pitbulls/bully breeds, deaf dogs, senior dogs, and pairs. Most of these dogs would have been overlooked, but the organization helps them find fantastic homes. Miss M. was a stray with mange, and she was set to be euthanized the next day. Luckily for us, they swooped in and rescued her. They even have a foster-to-adopt time period where you have the dog on a temporary basis, and work out problems with an adoption coach, to make sure the commitment is successful. We can't say enough about all the devoted volunteers at this rescue group.

  5. There are many wonderful places out there and I try to support a handful of really good local ones when I can, but right now my heart is tied up with A Chance for Bliss (achanceforbliss.blogspot.com or www.achanceforbliss.com). A sanctuary that takes in special needs and senior horses and small dogs (some other critters too). Bliss provides a final home for these animals, be it a couple of days, a week or a year or more.

    They're really having a tough time financially right now. But then, who isn't?

    Thanks for letting us shine the spotlight on the GOOD places :)