Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ratty Red and Green Dog Toy... It's December!

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It's December you guys! Yahoo! I can talk about Christmas as much as I want now without getting shot.

This is going to be our FIRST Christmas with both of our dogs. Mickey was a part of our family last Christmas but he didn't come with us up to Prince George for the holidays (something about dog in plane cargo hold, no promise of heated cargo hold, Christmas moronic insanity, OHMYGOD MY NEW-ISH PUPPY IS GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH A MILLION MILES IN THE AIR ALONE ON CHRISTMAS WHAT THE HELL KIND OF DOG MOTHER AM I. There is not enough wine/Christmas spirit/WINE to come back from that. Plus, there is no reasoning with someone (me) in that frame of mind). And we didn't adopt Kayloo until January. SO THIS IS GOING TO BE WICKED!

This is a picture of one our dilapidated Christmas dog toys. They love it. It squeaks. We love it less.

A couple more Christmas pics:

IS THAT FANTASTIC OR WHAT? Holy crap those pics make me laugh.

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  1. Precious puppy pics. Love! And I am totally with you on NOT flying with your baby in the cargo area. I've heard horror stories and wouldn't do it either. All the best!