Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moments of Sibling Tenderness

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Holy crap! Look at how sweet they look AND I DIDN'T POSE THEM LIKE THIS OR ANYTHING.

... 5 seconds later they were back to their normal selves:

... 10 seconds later Mickey was lovingly dragging Kayloo across the living room floor by her collar. Kayloo outweighs Mickey by a good 30 lbs.

I enjoyed the sweetness while it lasted (another couple of photos showing moments of sibling tenderness here).

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  1. This is adorable!!

    I love that Kayloo looks slightly confused in the first picture, while Mickey looks like he already knows he's about to drag Kayloo in two seconds.

    The in the next picture, Kayloo's shocked expression just says it all!!

  2. @shopKCQ- Wow. It's like you know them both personally! Confusion on Kayloo's part and devious planning on Mickey's... always entertaining around here :)

  3. I bet they sit nicely like that all the time when you're gone, and all the roughhousing is just an act for you. You just "caught them" in their natural state of sitting nicely together...

  4. hahaha this is why we don't wear collars at my house unless the girls are going outside!