Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tough Cookie

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Here is Mickey taking a break during our Saturday walk. It was uncharacteristically hot, which is ALWAYS a brilliant surprise.

My friend Maria took this photo- she is a REAL photographer. She had a show in a GALLERY AND EVERYTHING! Just in case you didn't notice: I am Maria's Unofficial PR department. She didn't hire me.

You can see just a hint of the studs on Mickey's collar. He needs those studs because, as you can see, he is a pretty tough cookie.

More pics from Maria to come!

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  1. your Mickey looks like a mini-version of my Scout!

  2. @Kathryn- you'll have to send a pic of Scout! We get comments that Mickey looks like a mini-big dog. I'd say for 16lbs that's a pretty darn good compliment ;)