Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Look at the sky, it's PERFECTLY BLUE!

Once upon a time it was summer and I love summer and it was warm and the sun was shining and it was HEAVEN and did I mention that I LOVE summer? and then- OH NO!- it was OVER no, no, no. And then, the end.

I'm not sure if where you are is anything like where I am... but where I am is starting to get a bit cooler. Dang it.

This is a picture I took of the sky about a month ago while I was laying on my back on a blanket in the backyard. I was with my husband and my dogs and I had a mondo-sized latte and I read a of couple magazines and basically life was pretty much incredibly, totally perfect. That day may have also been a good hair day. I'm pretty sure it was.


I think this pic of Mickey and this pic of Kayloo about wrap up perfect summer days. Ooooh and then there was camping... and white wine!

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  1. Yes, summer has ended, and unlike your part of the world, my part of the world has nearly as many blue sky days during the winter as it does during the summer.

    Another thing is that, unlike your part of the world, my part of the world has average winter temperatures that prevent water from freezing, even in low-lying areas. But whereas you see beauty all around you, my part of the world is fixated on concrete parking lots, concrete roads, concrete buildings, concrete, concrete, concrete.

    Obviously, the people of my world are afraid of the dark, putting up lights everywhere that cast their harsh glow upon the world...making only the brightest of stars visible in the night sky. To truly appreciate summer here, you have to go someplace else.

    So as the leaves fall gently from the trees, and the last glimmer of summer fades away, as we prepare for the early frost, and the heavy snowfall that will soon follow this year's summer of fall-like days, I raise a glass of Mount Pleasant's Harvest White white wine to toast the waning days of summer and invite it back next year.

  2. @Paul- Always love your comments! I remember the first time coming home to Prince George after being in "the big city" for a few months- it was like being around Nice Big Quiet for the very first time. Was lovely. Took me awhile to get back out west again, but I think I fell in love with the space & the quiet on that first trip back home & it was only a matter of time before I would come back.