Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Towels of Temptation

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Why do people have fancy towels in their bathrooms?

I grew up with the fancy towel phenomenon. Every now and then there wouldn't be a towel so you'd mash the corner of the fancy towel trying to dry your hands off while doing your best to maintain the INTEGRITY OF THE TOWEL. Do that every day for a couple weeks and the towel integrity kind of goes out the window though. And then your mom's ticked. But you SWEAR TO GOD you only did it ONCE.

I also grew up knowing that candles should look pretty but NEVER EVER BE LIT and that pillow cases should be ironed. So should jeans (ah mom, I still grew up to be a heathen. My jeans aren't ironed. Neither are my pillow cases).

Despite all this education, I don't get fancy towels. You can't use them, but people do anyway. If guests use them it's okay (kind of) because, how can they know better?, but if any member of the household admits to looking in the general direction of the Towels of Temptation the exasperation is endless. So they just hang there and more often than not they get dusty, and then you have to wash them all at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME otherwise one fades before the rest of the set and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Save yourselves, people! BE RID OF THE FANCY TOWELS!!!

Decorative pillows, however... decorative pillows are something I get. I paid more for the pillows that HAD BETTER DAMN WELL NOT BE LAID ON than the ones that can be schlepped on and yes, as a matter of fact that DOES make perfect sense to me.

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