Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morty the Moose

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This is my mom's moose, Morty. He's not ACTUALLY my mom's moose, but she named him, and I'm pretty sure that no one else thought to name him, so why can't he be my mom's? I mean, she's given him an identity. No longer is he just some nameless moose crashing through the brush. Now he's Morty Crashing Through the Brush.

One might even say that my mom gave Morty the Moose meaning.

Maybe not.

She took this picture somewhere around Nunavut. If you thought Prince George was way up north, just imagine... Nunavut gets you even closer to Santa Claus! SANTA CLAUS PEOPLE!!!


THAT'S RIGHT! I just mentioned Santa Claus AND IT IS ONLY SEPTEMBER. There is some kind of rule and I DID IT ANYWAY- it has something to do with not mentioning anything Christmas-y until after Halloween or something, but you know what? That's how I roll! Caution to the wind! Fly by the seat of my pants! Any. Thing. Can. Happen.

Ok then. No more coffee for me after 4pm.
Special thank you to my mom for getting such a slammin' shot!

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  1. We used to live in Alaska and lots of moose wandered through our yard. Never knew they were so BIG! Until you see one up close and personal, the absolute HUGENESS of a moose is just an abstract concept. We don't have them down here in TN. Deer, yes, but they're tiny compared to a moose.