Monday, March 1, 2010

Divine Days of Awww

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John and I went away for a couple of days. I'll write a more complete post about the Divine Days of Awww, but in the meantime: Oh. My. God. Heaven. We slept. We ate. We walked around.... we slept, we ate... and after all of that we looked around and sighed:

Well, well. This is what the world looks like after a whole entire 8 hours of sleep, fresh salty air swirling around our care-free heads and a belly stuffed full of scrumptuous food SOMEONE ELSE MADE.

Did you catch that? I showed up in a room and deLICious food magically appeared on a plate before me. It was culinary wonderfulness that appeared out of thin air and, get this: THE DISHES CLEANED THEMSELVES. Love it. LOVE. It. I NEED ME ONE OF THOSE FAIRIES.

It was a pup-free few days, and although we missed them... I think they missed us for about as long as it took them to high-tail it around the corner to their own personal version of canine heaven: Doggie Daycare.

Here we have Mickey at the gate. As you can see, he is looking decidedly unsure. And it looks like his tail is broken (I can ASSURE you his tail is perfectly UN-broken. We just happen to have a dog with a red-headed mustache attached to his butt):

And Kayloo is PUMPED. She is ready to ROCK this daycare, get all up in some fancy chihuahua's grill and flop all around in a steaming pile of crap or two. Good times.

So, the dogs got to slop around in fields of mud all day long and we got to... not have a schedule.

Good deal!

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  1. a redheaded mustache attached to his butt? that's perfect!

  2. Yes, I never noticed the tail like that. Isn't it crazy to be able to sleep in and not have some creature demanding breakfast?

  3. @Kari- lol, it looks like that though, doesn't it?

  4. Love the red headed mustache!

    Love the dogs, but every once in a while a couple days vacation away from the kids does everyone well:)

    Makes the homecoming even better to the wagging tails!

  5. @K9 Coack- Very true! It was kind of nice to just have us to worry about throughout the day. We were pretty excited to pick the pups up after our break though!