Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Weekend

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This weekend was one of those mind-buzzing weekends. The kind where you walk into rooms, forgot why, walk out, have a flash of brilliance and remember, walk back into the room... and then promptly forget again and do something else entirely.


Since my brain wasn't working it was the PERFECT weekend to zone out and watch movies. I am so out of touch when it comes to what is out and what was winning at the Oscars... last night was the first time I had heard of the The Hurt Locker. Where have I been exactly?

John & I watched:
  1. The Informant! with Matt Damon- he rocked that fuzzy little mustache like nobody's business;
  2. Avatar- I'll admit, a part of me kind of wanted to be all, "Meh" about the whole thing but I TOTALLY got sucked in AND I CRIED. No lie. I'm a sucker for a great big humongous blue head;
  3. The Corporation- Umm. Please go watch this movie. It's a documentary so right off the bat you'll be smarter for having gone to the movie store and PASSED OVER the first Matthew McConaughey ab fest flick you could get your grimey paws on... but more importantly it's a great movie. You'll have some ohmygod moments. It'll be good for you.
Here are my dogs waiting patiently for me at the movie store. They hadn't heard of The Hurt Locker either.

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  1. I went into Avatar thinking 'I refuse to like this just because I'm supposed to' and then I loved it. It sucked me in with everyone else.

    And I have days like yours too, don't you worry!

  2. Yeah, I hadn't heard of the Hurt Locker either. I actually didn't know anything about Avatar, but I ended up liking it, and like a nerd, spent the whole movie thinking about I could relate it to the literature I'm teaching at school. We saw Julie and Julia this weekend which we both ended up really, really liking. I didn't know anything about it but Meryl Strep really makes Julia Child into this charming, likable person. So good.

  3. I have moments like that a couple times a week. I have heard of The Hurt Locker but that's only because I live in LA so whenever a movie gets a lot of nominations all the theatres start to show it. Its a cool story behind it. A journalist was in Iraq (I believe) and came across the story of a guy and he thought it would make a better movie than news article so he set out to get it made. That's what is stayed small since it was a whole lot of unknown people.

  4. @Schwang- Loved Julie & Julia!

    I am very glad I wasn't the only one so out of the loop... have a whole list of movies to watch now though...

  5. I didn't realize the size difference between your dogs.

  6. You are most certainly not the only person with days like that. Yesterday I grabbed my toothbrush, then decided to make coffee, only to realize was still holding toothbrush in hand....
    Things went downhill from there.
    Love the dogs.