Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Fell In Love. His Name Was Dexter. My Husband Is Okay With It.

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This is me and Dexter. Actually, this is me doing my best not to smother little Dexter because he was just so darn cute he made me want to eat him up (kinda felt like I was cheating on my dogs a wee bit, but it was OKAY cuz he was super cute and cuddly and SOMEBODY had to do it. I mean, come on. High five to ME for taking on the hard jobs). Okay, so you can't see him exactly, he's shy, but imagine a marshmallow and a cartoon baby panda... and a ladybug. All in one.

Dexter is the Handsome Devil in Residence at the Yellow Point Lodge and was rescued from a puppy mill on Vancouver Island. He was a stud dog and his forever owners figure he is about 2 years old now.

I'm not sure if people quite fathom how serious this whole puppy mill situation is. I won't inundate you with sad photos, but I do think we need to be informed when it comes to what is going on out there.

I read a story last week about puppy mills in Pennsylvania's Dutch County (story: Puppies 'Viewed as Livestock' in Amish Community via abc)- call me naive, but... I didn't know. I knew about puppy mills, I knew they were horrible... but it's just starting to really dawn on me how widespread this deplorable and inexcusable problem is.

Do your friends know that the adorable, cheeky Boston Terrier at the local petstore was most likely weened too early, irresponsibly bred and quite possibly plagued with a host of health problems? Does your family know that the pretty shitzu they found online probably has a mother who will know nothing other than her chicken wire cage and when she can no longer produce will just be discarded like any other unloved, useless inanimate object?

There is bad stuff. A lot of bad stuff. But there is good stuff too. Like handsome, curly Dexter. And Forever homes.

And the fact that Dexter liked me better than John and the reason I know this is because when I put him on John's lap Dexter jumped back on to my lap, and out loud I was like, "Aww, sweet Dexter, it's probably that he recognizes my smell now and he's shy" but on the inside I was like "I WON!!! Dexter likes ME and that means that in the Dexter Derby of Cuteness I won!" but again, on the outside I was way more mature than that. Every now and then I keep it together.

PS- And, yes, my hair is frizzy. I was on holiday. Gimme a break.

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  1. Isn't it interesting how much you learn from the Vacation Dogs that live at the place where you stay? The whole purchased dog thing kills me....what reputable breeder would give their dog to a pet store? There was a pet store near my bus stop and I wandered in. Some of the dogs were even being advertised as "on sale". And what happens next if they aren't bought? Is "on clearance" really the city pound?

  2. hey chickie! I haven't visited your blog in AGES! I need to catch up on all your wonderful posts! :)

    I've been fostering a kitten that was abused: blind in one eye, tip of tail died and fell off due to elastic band wrapped around it, numerous cuts and bruises, injured shoulder, limps....

    Anyway, he is so funny, I think I should start a blog about HIM!(cuz I'm applying to adopt him) xoxoxoxo
    luv, G2

  3. ha when I saw the name Dexter I thought you were going to talk about the TV show. Puppymills are such sad places. Im glad that WeHo has banned any dog sales in stores in an effort to start heading the right direction (all the pet stores here changed to selling rescues a while ago due to protests, but they wanted it on the books as a way to set an example)

  4. Um, my hair is frizzy even when I'm not on holiday! And puppy mills are the most awful places they make me so sad- and it makes me so mad that people don't understand thatthey exist!!

  5. Don't get me started on the deplorably situation of puppy mills. I'd be here forever.

  6. It *amazes* me that people don't understand that pet store dogs are from puppy mills. AMAZES. Ask your friends- try it. I'll bet a good 8/10 of them will look at you a little shocked-like if you start in on the topic.