Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1/2 Week to the Therapy Dog Test!

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Okay guys! Kayloo's Therapy Dog test is this weekend. We are DOWN TO THE FINAL STRETCH!

We just got back from a wonderful walk. An AMAZING walk. Dare I say a THERAPY DOG TEST ACING WALK!!!

No, I don't dare say that... I'm a wimp... I take it back... Quick somebody throw some salt over your shoulder or give me a rabbit's foot OR SOMETHING (actually, don't with the rabbit's foot, I think that is probably horribly cruel and as you can clearly see I can't afford to carry around ANY bad karma with me at this particular juncture thankyouverymuch).

I've been checking out the Canine Good Citizen requirements and I think we're mostly okay on most of the tests:
  • Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger- I think we'll be okay here because Kayloo thinks almost everyone is her new best friend. It's a little of: HI! Oh my god, I love you! I'm so lucky to meet you... and OH! You too! Come a little closer so we can attach at the hip. It says however that she isn't allowed to "break position." If the "position" happens to be threading her tongue up into the evaluators nose, we should be fine.
  • Test 2: Sitting politely for petting- I'm concerned about the "polite" part, but she will be all over someone oozing attention all over her.
  • Test 3: Appearance and grooming- Kayloo's hot. Check. Check. Check.
  • Test 4: Out for a walk- She is doing much MUCH better, but she is not perfect. She'll be in a completely new place so she will be very curious.
  • Test 5: Walking through a crowd- She's usually pretty great about this, unless one of the people in the crowd has a skateboard. If someone has a skateboard she may stop and tilt her head this way and that way and thiswayandthatwayand... forever and ever until the evaluator falls asleep and/or kicks us out.
  • Test 6: Sit down on command and staying in place- We should be good here.
  • Test 7: Coming when called- No problem (unless some sly dog has a steak behind his back. Then we're toast).
  • Test 8: Reaction to another dog- Kayloo will be fairly interested in the other dog. The plan is to have her good and played out before the test, but it is very unlikely she would walk away from an opportunity for a good hearty "get all up in your grill" bum sniff.
  • Test 9: Reaction to distraction- There will be lots of head tilting.
  • Test 10: Supervised separation- Apparently we won't be tested on this, but if we were Kayloo would be like, "Hey, where did that blonde- HEY NEW PERSON I LOVE YOU, WHO ARE YOU?!!!"
Kayloo will do just fine. If not, we can always take the test again, right? RIGHT?! Just kidding, I'm actually not freaking out that much. The only way Kayloo can do well is if I am nice and chill so please send lots and lots o' chill vibes our way in the days leading up to having a total kanipshin doing our very best.

Thank you, much!

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  1. I would flunk with aplomb, but I'm a pea brain. Chill vibes it is! :)

  2. Too cool! Kayloo will rock it, I'm sure of it. Good luck, even though you won't need it. =)

  3. Patch O' PitsFebruary 03, 2010

    Patch O' Luck to you!!!!:)
    If you have good solid obedience on her and she is a stable dog with a rock solid temperamnt, the therapy test will go just fine. Don't let her feel your nerves or you will screw her up. take her for a nice long walk or run before hand, make sure she goes to the bathroom, practice a little obedience before you enter the testing site. Sounds like simple things to remember, but it really can help calm your nerves and get some of her energy out as well.
    If you haven't done this already, you may want to...when you train her for therapy specific work also have a specific collar, bandana, shirt or harness on her to help her remeber it is time to work.

    Keep us posted on how you do!

  4. Before our CGC test we went for a LOOOOOOONG walk :) and got their as early as possible so that we were adjusted to the location

  5. Thank you for the encouragement & fabulous advice!

    @Patch- "rock solid," see, that is what makes me a wee bit concerned. On the one hand, people often comment on how calm she is for 1 yr & 4 months, on the other, she can be a ditz. She is solidly loving, I'll give her that. She is also solidly a dufus. Hence the plea for chill vibes... ;)

  6. Astrid is our dog and her home date was Dec 28, 2006. In October 2008, she passed her CGC that was given in the middle of a doggie festival. In November of the same year, she passed her test and observed visitation requirements to become a therapy dog. Good luck on your tests. You are right, you CAN take them again if need be. You will be the bundle of nerves, not your dog. Your dog will just be having fun... On #7, Astrid stopped to kiss an Australian Shepherd on the sidelines. She was having a great time! Mom? Not so much. We are going to follow your blog to see how it all goes!

  7. Sending good vibes that Kayloo's calm, good girl persona is on deck for the test. You stay calm and she will too. Yeah, and tiring her out beforehand is a fab idea :) Good luck you two!

  8. Good Luck Kayloo! Let's hope there are no skateboards or steaks during the test....that would just not be fair! Let s know how it goes!!

  9. I hope she does well. Pet assisted therapy is one of the most incredible and healing things in the world. When my brother was hospitalized various times for his cancer treatments nothing made him happier than a dog at his bedside. He missed his little dog more than anything when he was away from home.

  10. Good luck, Kayloo! I'm sure you (and mom!) will do great :). Keep us posted, Shauna!